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How to Pick the Perfect Flowers for Your Window Boxes

Desiree Thomson
When you get hooked on gardening, you can never have enough space. I've always struggled when it comes to planting everything I've wante… continue reading

How to store fresh basil in winter

Petro Neagu
Learn how to store basil in winter season. Nothing compares to some fresh basil, sprinkled over freshly cooked food; its minty spicy aro… continue reading

How to harvest fresh basil

Petro Neagu
One of the most important part of growing an exuberant batch of basil is the harvest. Here are a few beginner tips on how to harvest fre… continue reading

Peanut bird feeder wreath

Petro Neagu
Make this fun and easy bird feeder wreath to keep birds happy and healthy during fall and winter days. A 10 minutes project that makes a… continue reading

The Bekvam flat pack assembly

Bartholomew Hearn
Ikea's Bekvam step stool is on of the most widely used pieces of furniture in Ikea's catalogue. When it comes down to flat pack units we… continue reading

How to make a Quick & Easy Any Season Glass Bottle Hanging Garden DIY

Dolly Disco
Update your outdoor living space in no time at all with a beautiful all year round hanging bottle garden using upcycled glass bottles, f… continue reading

Front Garden Ideas

Lee Traister
Here are a few front garden ideas to help you transform a small area into a productive garden. Front garden ideas that will help you in … continue reading

How to Build Tomato Trellis

Lee Traister
Here is a DIY tomato trellis that is easy to set up, easy to take down (allthough you can leave it and use it to trellis beans, peas or … continue reading

How to Grow Pineapples

Sherry Nappa
This tutorial provides instructions on how to grow pineapples from crowns, slips, and suckers in containers or in garden beds.… continue reading
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