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Photo Flower Pot

Turn a flower pot into a fun photo phenom! Flowers make great gifts for Spring and Summertime and what better way to personalize this g… continue reading

Healthy Hostas

Wendy Downey
Hostas are extremely popular, hardy perennials grown primarily for their beautiful foliage. They are easy to grow, shade-tolerant plants… continue reading

Make Custom Reusable Garden Markers

Pat Hadden
Garden markers (or plant tags) are a great gift, but you need to make a lot of them. This tutorial shows clay markers fired in a kiln, … continue reading

diy herb planter

Pat Hadden
After finding a pretty ceramic fish planter, I wanted to add some herbs but make it so that it would be easy for the gift recipient to r… continue reading

Mini Twig Wreath

Natasha Mairs
Here's my cute Mini Twig Wreath. easy to make go here for the full tutorial -… continue reading

Recycle your coffee pod capsules

Kat Elters
Feels like a waste to throw out used coffee pod capsules? What I like to do with mine is to extract the coffee grounds from the pod with… continue reading

How to Make an Upcycled Water Bottle Vase

Ellen Thomas
Every year people use millions, maybe billions of disposable, plastic water bottles. Chances are you have one in your refrigerator, back… continue reading

How to re-grow celery from the base

Kat Elters
This tip is about growing celery from the base of the celery vegetable that you purchase from the supermarket - after you have enjoyed e… continue reading

Build A Raised Self-Watering Bed

Ursula  Carmona
Garden Fever Prt. 3 For a complete how-to and video on how to build your own deck-top, rolling, self-watering raised bed... http://ho… continue reading