DIY Succulent Gumball Planter

Lindsay Craig
The craft only requires a few simple items and the end product is super cute and makes a great gift. It's also pretty on-trend, given ho… continue reading

How to care for raspberry bushes

Petro Neagu
Left alone, raspberry bushes are their own enemy. Here’s how to care for raspberry bushes for a successful raspberry grow. … continue reading

Wedding In The Backyard? Mission possible!

Evelyn Jenson
No doubt the backyard weddings are full of romance, coziness, and intimacy. Is there anything better than to open your home (or the home… continue reading

How to Have a Successful Home Renovation

Jeniffer Page
Home renovations can often be a double edged sword. On one hand, they can make your home look a lot better, particularly if the house is… continue reading

10 Great Cottage Garden Plants for Your London Garden

Desiree Thomson
Cottage gardens are an all time favourite among gardeners and hopeless romantics. You can create your fairy tale cottage garden with the… continue reading

Best landscaping ideas to beautify your garden

Natasha Fleming
You're looking for inspiration and new ideas to beautify your garden? Whether you want to freshen it up or completely remodel it, the po… continue reading

Protect Your Garden from Slugs and Snails

Melissa Green
There is no need to be a professional gardener to have problem with slugs and snails. These pests can destroy your plants. Use this acti… continue reading

Make Your Home Look Like a Romantic Refuge With a Vibrant English Garden

Desiree Thomson
Cottage gardens are dreamy and covered with flowers. if you want to transform your garden into a romantic refugee, the English cottage g… continue reading
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