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How to Grow Pineapples

Sherry Nappa
This tutorial provides instructions on how to grow pineapples from crowns, slips, and suckers in containers or in garden beds.… continue reading

Creative Wall Garden Inspiration

Pearl Dearing
Another interior and exterior trend in the last months has been getting the design blogs hot from visits. While gardening is a common ho… continue reading

Homemade natural spider repellent

Petro Neagu
This homemade spider repellent can be used in your home and garden. Its natural ingredients won’t harm your family or your pets and alth… continue reading

Easy DIY Garden Markers

Turn inexpensive tongue depressors into impressive garden markers to note where your herbs and veggies are planted.… continue reading

How To Make A Garden Kneeling Cushion

Shaun Wheatcroft
How to make a beautiful kneeling cushion that can be used indoors and out in the garden. Perfect for a Christmas gift or for guests to s… continue reading

Prep Your Plants for Winter in 3 Easy Steps

Jason Mazur
With winter coming, most annuals die away with the first frost. If you want to enjoy fresh herbs year round, try moving your plants indo… continue reading

DIY Garden Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Cute backyard game that fits with your decor! Use a few pavers and some river rocks to make a fun and interactive tic-tac-toe game for k… continue reading

How To Sew Your Own Handy Tool Belt Out Of Old Jeans With Debbie Shore

Shaun Wheatcroft
In this exclusive how-to video, best-selling needlecraft author and YouTube sensation Debbie Shore takes you through her step-by-step gu… continue reading

Kitchen Cart to Gardening Station

shonee smith
Come check out how I turned a regular old thrift store kitchen cart into a useful gardening station. You will definitely want to check o… continue reading
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