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Vintage Vanity/Desk Restore

Vintage Vanity/Desk Restore

I found this awesome Vintage Vanity at one of my favorite Junk Shops for only $20 bucks! She needed TONS of work, but can't you see the potential?? The mirror was missing {so I decided to use it as a desk}, it was also missing 1 wheel, and all the knobs. It was coming apart in the back, the front decorative design was damaged, layers of old paint was peeling off AND probably the worst... inside the desk were the remnants of mud daubers, spiders, and other mysterious dead bugs. But again, I could see the gorgeous vanity with a new coat of paint and it was going to be beautiful!

You Will Need...

  • Paint Stripper
  • Metal bristle brush, Spackle Knife or similar Scraping Tools
  • Sandpaper & Electric Sander
  • Hammer & Nails
  • Drill & Screws
  • Wood Filler
  • Paint
  • Drawer Knobs/Pulls
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  • Step 1: First steps were to clean up the desk. The drawers were removed, along with the wheels and the wood pieces that would hold the missing mirror on. The bugs, dirt and garbage were cleaned out of the inside along with cobwebs and mud dauber nests. I then took an electric sander to the top to see how many layers of paint I was working with... there ended up being the outmost layer of white, preceded by a gray primer, and underneath that a shade of peach which was preceded by a clear finish on the top of the desk and a gold/green/ivory mix as the original coat. Sanding brought up huge sheets of paint that just peeled off, but eventually decided upon needing to strip the paint. Stripping paint, scraping, sanding, more stripping, scraping sanding etc, until I had almost removed all the layers of paint. At this point I had to repair some of the damaged wood in various places. The top of the desk and the front. I used wood filler and applied, let dry and then sanded down smooth. I repeated these steps until those areas were completely filled in. A full sanding over the entire desk to prepare it for new paint. I first choose a mustard yellow to paint just the detailed areas of the desk. The yellow, along with some of the old paint I left on, will shine through when the desk is lightly distressed later on. Once the yellow was dry, I added two coats of green. The drawers received two coats of a very light green. Then I distressed the desk with sandpaper allowing some of the pretty colors underneath to shine through. New knobs, and my Vintage Vanity now Desk was complete!