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Bedtime Routine Reminder & Craft Ages 2-5

Bedtime Routine Reminder & Craft Ages 2-5

You’ll love this adorable free printable bedtime routine sequencing activity for preschoolers that you can use as a craft as well as a bathroom mirror reminder to make life just a little easier. Just print, cut, sort, glue, and presto- a fun reminder to post wherever you like! Read the digital story too! Bedtime for StickFiggy

You Will Need...

  • printer, ink, scissors, glue, 1 piece of dark or colored paper, tape.
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  • Laurie Turk
    13 Dec 2012, 15:21


    I have a morning routine chart for my boys but not a bedtime one... this is fantastic!
  • StickFiggy
    04 Jan 2013, 12:22


    Thanks for the feedback Laurie! I'm so glad that Maya (memetales) told me about your site! So cool! Jane