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Framed Burlap Stocking Decor

Framed Burlap Stocking Decor

Have a teeny bit of burlap leftover from an old project? Grab a frame and some paint and make this cute burlap framed stocking decoration for your house too. For full instructions, please visit: Not So Idle Hands

You Will Need...

  • ~ Burlap (just a bit, unless you plan on making a bunch)
  • ~ A 12×12 frame (now is a good time to score one with all the sales going on everywhere….this one came from Michaels)
  • ~ Upholstery nails with the sharp end bent off (can get these at any craft store or even Home Depot or Lowe’s)
  • ~ Vinyl to make a stencil (you may also be able to use a ready-made one from Joann’s, Michael’s, Or Hobby Lobby)
  • ~ Hot glue
  • ~ Paint and brush
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