Every year my church hosts a trunk or treat and I love seeing all the Halloween pictures.  It is typically a night to  decorate the car and go trick or treating from car to car instead of door to door.  The kids love it and it's a fun way to see all our friends in one place.  If you're attending a trunk or treat this year I've hooked you up with some over-the-top car & trunk decorations complete with Halloween pictures for you to be inspired from.

27 Trunk or Treat Ideas

As always, the Tip Junkie Halloween site has hundreds of pictured tutorials with free printables for Halloween.  You can always search there if you’re looking for more pictured tutorials. {wink}

Halloween Pictures

Candy Land Trunk or Treat

1.  Trunk or Treat Car Decor Idea {Church for Halloween} ~ This is a fabulous example of how to decorate your car for a trunk or treat night! Wether it is for your church, neighborhood or school your car will blow away the competition with this as your inspiration! As a bonus there is also a ton of other Halloween inspiration packed into this post!

Trunk or Treat

2.  Beehive Decorated Car ~ This adorable beehive could be incorporated into a Winnie the Pooh theme as well.  Kid's will be buzzing with delight.

Trunk or Treat

3.  Wizard of Oz Themed Car ~ Follow the yellow brick road for some fun trunk or treating.  The trunk is complete with a rainbow and the Emerald City.

Trunk or Treat Movie Themes

4.  Toy Story Trunk Theme ~ Decorate your trunk in the shape of a bed to hold all of Andy's toys.

Trunk or Treat Pictures

5.  Charlotte's Web Trunk ~ Decorate your car with a classic children's novel theme, Charlotte's Web.

Trunk or Treating

6.  Alice in Wonderland ~ Down the rabbit hole with this adorable Alice in Wonderland theme for trunk or treating.  You can even dress up as characters to go along with the theme.

Trunk or Treat Pictures

7.  Owl Themed Trunk ~ Cardboard and construction are perfecting for constructing an owl themed trunk.

Trunk Themes

8.  Angry Birds Trunk Theme ~ An easy and inexpensive way to decorate your trunk if you're an Angry Bird's fan.  All you need is spray painted boxes and stuffed bird's.

Trunk or Treat Themes

9.  50's Themed Diner  ~ Poodle skirt, vinyl records, bar stools, checker board and neon lights are perfect for a 50's themed trunk.

Trunk or Treat Halloween Pictures

Trunk or Treat Halloween Pictures

10.  Treasure Chest Pirate Themed Car ~ Yo ho, a pirate's life for me!  How cool is this treasure chest filled with gold candy?

Trunk or Treat Pictures

11.  Candy Bandit Themed Trunk ~ Use items around the house to decorate your car.  You can use lanterns, doormat and pumpkins.

Trunk or Treat

12.  Bat Cave Trunk Theme ~ Turn your trunk into a bat cave for your favorite super heroes, Batman and Robin. Trunk or Treat Themes

13.  Cars Movie Themed Trunk ~ Lightening McQueen and Mater themed cars for trunk or treating.

Trunk or Treat Themes

14.  Charlie Brown Trunk Theme ~ It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!  How precious is the baby pumpkin?!  It's a great way to incorporate a baby into the theme.

Trunk or Treat

15.  Zoo Decorated Trunk ~ Raid your children's stuffed animals to decorate a zoo.  Spray painted wood dowels work great for the bars.

Trunk or Treat Themes

16.  Autumn Splendor ~ Clean up your yard to decorate your trunk.

Camoflauge Themed Trunk

17.  Duck Dynasty Trunk ~ All things camo, hunting accessories and nature's elements are perfect for a Duck Dynasty themed car.  All that's missing is sweet tea and uncle Si.

Trunk or Treat Decorating

18.  Construction Site Activity for Trunk or Treat ~ Decorate your car and turn it into a construction site where the kids can build towers out of blocks at your trunk or treat for Halloween.

Trunk or Treat Decor

19.  Shark for Trunk or Treat ~ Decorate your car into a shark for trunk or treat for a homemade Halloween.

Car Faces

Trunk Faces

20.  Vampire Teeth Trunk ~ I want to suck your blood {bwahhh}!  Decorate your trunk with vampire teeth complete with blood droplets.

Car Faces

21.  Creepy Face ~ Poster board, recycled boxes and a red sharpie pen are used to decorate this creepy face. Decorated Car Faces

22.  Cookie Monster Car Face ~ This Cookie Monster themed car face is fun for all ages!  You won't have to worry about scaring little one's.  {wink}

Creepy Car Halloween Pictures

Creepy Car Halloween Pictures

23.  Trunk or Treat Ghosts ~ Decorate your car with spooky ghosts and goblins using sheets and Christmas lights. Creepy Trunk or Treat Ideas

24.  Forensics Themed Trunk ~ This trunk isn't for the squeamish!  A skeleton, evidence markers, caution tape and evidence bags make this theme realistic. Trunk or Treat Themes

25.  Haunted Mansion ~ An undead butler, vampire and creepy signs are perfect decor items.

Spider Web Trunk or Treat Theme

26.  Spider and Web Themed Car ~ Looking for a easy and spooky way to decorate your car?  This simple spider web theme is perfect!  You can pick up the spider webs at the dollar store.

Creepy Trunk or Treat Themes

27.  Ghostbusters Costume & Trunk ~ Learn how to make a Ghostbuster costume, containment unit and Ghostbuster sign.  It's the perfect theme that you could incorporate the whole family into.

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