Here's a fun activity you can do as a family or at a St. Patrick's Day, or green day party. v_350 EHprint Print Free File: Download How to Make: 1.  Print out the Bingo cards and images. 2.  Cut out - make sure you leave a little white space. 3.  Cut green cardstock or paper a little larger than picture. 4.  Glue picture to cardstock. 5.  Laminate. The Rules for Playing Bingo: 1.  Pass out a Bingo card to every player. 2.  A caller pulls out a picture card from a bowl or other container. 3.  Check to see if you have that picture on your Bingo card. *  If you do place a M&M or other "marker" on that picture. *  If you do not, do nothing. 4.  If you are the first to fill three pictures in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagnally, you yell “BINGO!” loudly, so that the caller can hear you. Then you win. St. Patrick's Day Images: 1.  Tree 2.  Worm 3.  4 Leaf Clover 4.  Aligartors 5.  "Luck of the Irish" 6.  Bird house 7.  Basket 8.  Pepermint 9.  Peas 10.  Boy 11.  Teddy Bear 12.  Frog 13.  Bushel of Apples 14.  Girl 15.  Leaf 16.  Heart 17.  Snail