How to Make a Paper Hat for cone-shaped party hats, crown hats and pilgrim hats.  These how to make a hat pictured tutorials are easy and a fun activity for kids! As always, the Tip Junkie Paper Craft site has hundreds of pictured tutorials .  You can always search there if you’re looking for more Paper Hat pictured tutorials. {wink}

How to Make a Paper Hat

DIY Party Hat 1.  How to Make a Paper Hat ~ Here is a great tutorial for some simple DIY party hats.  Includes a printable template and you can use any color paper and fringe to match your party decor.  This could even be a party craft for the kids to make for themselves.

Make Hat

2.  How to Make Newspaper Hats ~ Learn how to make the old-fashioned newspaper hat.  A cheap project using recycled newspaper.  Kids can decorate them with stickers and colored paper.

Make Hat

3.  Party Hats {Party Crafts} ~ These party hats are absolutely adorable!  And, what a fun party craft.  Little girls always love picking flowers.  Now they can decorate their own custom newspaper hats with them.  After the party they can be thrown in the compost for easy recycling.

Make Hat

Make Hat

4.  Construction Paper Beanie ~ Create a beanie hat using strips of scrap paper.  You can either glue or staple it together.  Decorate it with pom pom's, yarn, stickers or googly eyes.

DIy Paper Hats

5.  Easy Paper Hats ~ Here's the mother load of party hats.  There are 10 free template downloads to create hats for costume hats, mix and match hats and tall top hats.

DIY Collage Hats

6.  Collage Hats ~ These collage hats are perfect for children ages 3-6.  They create a three dimensional collage that is turned into a hat.

Paper Hat Tutorial

Paper Hat

7.  Peter Pan Party Hat ~ This Peter Pan party hat is so much fun!  You could make them for a party, dress up or just for fun.   Kraft paper was used to make the hat and tissue paper to make the feather.  Of course, you could use a real feather if you prefer. Make Paper Hat 8.  Chef Hat ~ Easily make a chef hat from a "sentence strip" or a strip of construction paper and tissue paper.  The tissue is bunched together along the paper strip using double-sided tape to create the top of the chef hat. Make Paper Hat 9.  DIY Paper Pilgrim Hat ~ These pilgrim hats are a fun way to let your child get into character for Thanksgiving.  They would also be a perfect activity to keep them busy while you are preparing the Thanksgiving meal.  Download the free template to get started.

Make Paper Hats

Make Paper Hats

10.  How to Make a Vintage Paper Crown ~ Every princess needs her crown.  Right?!  Whether you are planning a party or not this little tutorial is perfect for your little princess! Download the free crown template and decorate with book pages or music paper and some glitter for pizazz. Make Paper Hat 11.  Accordion Paper Party Hats ~ This accordion party hat is fab-u-lous!  I love that it is not a conventional party hat.  And, that it is attached to a headband.  How cool is that?!  It will actually stay on your head.

Make Paper Boat

DIY Paper Boat

12.  Paper Boat {how-to} ~ Learn how to make paper boats with this step by step tutorial. Follow the tutorial from your computer or print the directions to take to your next party.  Children will love this activity.

Paper Boat

13.  Paper Boat Place CardsDownload and print this place card template to make your own paper boat place cards for your next bon voyage party or Thanksgiving centerpieces!  

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