homemade Christmas Most of these home made Christmas ideas are completely over-the-top. However, you can easily simplify them and tweak them to accommodate your family and your budget. To make your planning extra easy, here are some of my favorite creative hand made DIY Christmas ideas organized in categories:

How to Plan a Home Made Christmas:

  • How to Remain Organized this Christmas - A list of beautiful ways you can organize your home made Christmas from free printables with gift lists, party planner, DIY ideas, and much more.
  • Executive Homemaker Christmas Planner - A free Christmas printable which has everything you need to stay organized this holiday season.
  • Christmas Card Binder - A quick solution on how to store and what to do with your Christmas Cards once the holiday season is over.
  • 4 Things Children Really Want - These aren't things that cost money but properly manage expectations and embrace the special season.
  • 31 Things To Do at Christmas Time - This is a fun activity advent of sorts that you can do with your family to make December even more memorable.


    Home Christmas Decor:

    • How to Make Homemade Christmas Decorations - Home made Christmas decor tutorials for the walls, table, mantel, and much more to make your home festive for a DIY Christmas.
    • Creative Handmade Stocking Stuffer Ideas - Several beautiful tutorials on how to make hand made stocking stuffers for your children this Christmas.
    • How to Make Homemade Christmas Ornaments - One of the traditions my family had growing up is displaying our home made Christmas ornaments.  Each one had a special memory attached.  You'll find several creative ornaments that you can make with your family.
    • How to Sew a Hand Made Christmas Stocking - Finding just the right Christmas stocking can be a challenge.  You'll find several tutorials on how to sew your own hand made Christmas stockings.
    • Home Made Christmas Ornaments - Making your own Christmas ornaments bring such a wonderful vibe and so much personality into your Christmas tree.  You'll love all of the different DIY Christmas tutorials on how to make  your own tree ornaments.
    • Christmas Stocking Tutorials & Ideas - You'll be surprised at how many different types of Christmas stockings you can make with these creative tutorials and ideas.  I hope you'll be inspired to make some for your own home.
    • How to hang stockings with out a mantle - If you don't have a fireplace or mantle in your home, here are several ways you can hang stockings in your home for Christmas.  These are creative ideas that you'll just love.
    • Decorating for the Holidays - I just love making home made holiday decorations for my home.  Several of these ideas would also make great neighbor gifts for friends and even Super Saturday craft activities.

    Christmas Advent Calendars to Make

    Fun Christmas Party Ideas:

    • Cookie Exchange Party - I think a Cookie Exchange party is one of the most efficient parties you can have this year. You come with a dozen of one kind of cookie and leave with a dozen different kinds of cookies and recipes on how to make them!
    • Christmas Party Themes - I love a Christmas party, especially one centered around a theme. For me it makes the decor, party favors, and games easier to plan. Here are some fun holiday party theme’s to help inspire your December party planning.
    • Wassail Recipe - I got such a good response to the dry Wassail recipe that I wanted to share my absolute favorite one! It takes a little bit of planning but it’s worth it.
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  • Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas:

    • Small Christmas Gift Ideas for Neighbors - One of my favorite things to make are unique Neighbor gifts for Christmas. I have a lot of fabulous people I adore, so it’s got to be a small and cheap Christmas gift that I think my neighbors will enjoy.
    • How to Make Christmas Gifts For Grandparents - Easy and meaningful home made gift ideas that you can make for your Grandparents.
    • Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids - One of my favorite memories as a child is receiving gifts that my parents made for me.  My mom would always sew something and my dad would make something out of wood.
    • Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas - Unique, meaningful, and cheap home made Christmas gift ideas that you can made for family, Grandparents, teachers, or neighbors.
    • How to Make Money Holder Cards - Sometimes the best gift is cash.  However, you can still make it home made by creating a beautiful packaging.  Here are several tutorials.
    • Christmas Present Gift Wrap Ideas - Wrap your gifts with extra love this year by making them beautiful by using a few of these fun present gift wrapping ideas.
    • Super Saturday Craft Day Ideas - Super Saturday is an annual craft day that is traditionally held in October at my church. It’s a creative woman’s mecca of handmade home decor, gift, and crafty ideas.
    • More Super Saturday Craft Day Ideas - Here are several seasonal tutorials that would make excellent gift ideas and craft projects to make for Super Saturday.
    • Neighbor Gift Ideas - Candy Grams - I just love making a cheap gift more meaningful with a beautiful poem. Here are several candy gram poem ideas you can attach to a small gift.
    • Gift Wrapping Ideas - Now that you’ve spent hours making/picking out the perfect gift. Why not spend a little extra time and creativity wrapping it? Here are some amazing gift wrapping ideas.
    • Money Holder Tutorials - I found some fun money or check holders that you can make to make even the most typical gift more memorable.  These would also make beautiful envelopes for your Christmas cards to put your family letter inside.
    • Gift Card Holder tutorials - As much as I love to give homemade gifts, sometimes it’s just not possible. Therefore, the obvious option is a gift card. This year, why not give it a “homemade feel” and make the card holder! Here are some ideas that I hope will inspire you.
    • Hand Made Gift Ideas - Here are some unique and clever hand made gift ideas that you can make for almost anyone on your Christmas list.
    • Easy, Cheap, Useful Christmas Gift Ideas - It's not necessary to spend a lot of money on a hand made gift.  Remember it's the thought that counts.  If you're pinching penny's this year here are some easy, cheap, but useful Christmas gift ideas.
    • Easy Christmas Crafts & Gifts -  These Christmas crafts make wonderful and meaningful gifts that anyone will love to receive.
    • Easy Neighbor Christmas Gifts - Here are several really easy and cheap neighbor Christmas gifts you can hand make and give during the holidays.
    • 25 Days Christmas Story Album {printable} - Make this beautiful album and then print out the 25 Christmas stories that will help you bring the holiday spirit alive in your home.  This not only makes a great gift but a wonderful family activity as well.
    • Don't Eat Pete with M&M Christmas Poem {printable} - This is the perfect neighbor gift as it's semi-homemade, quick, and easy.  Just make the family game and attache M&Ms and the Christmas poem.  You're done!
    Tip Junkie Printables has TONS of free printable candy gram & cheap gift ideas with poems & quotes to make it more meaningful.  You can also find 55 Free Christmas Printables {Gifts and Traditions} you can download. For even more handmade gift ideas, you can check out the Gift Ideas category on Tip Junkie. Many of these ideas can be tweaked to your individuals colors and needs.

    Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas:

    • Christmas Tree Decorate - There are so many inspiring ways on how to decorate a Christmas tree.  Here are several pictures that hopefully will inspire you.
    • How to Decorate a Christmas Tree - Picking the things that you love and then working them into the theme of your tree is a gorgeous way to show off your personality during Christmas.

    How to Make Christmas Cards:

    Christmas Family Ideas and Traditions:

    • How to Create Memorable Christmas Traditions - Start memorable family activities during the Christmas holidays that will bond you together.
    • 15 Christmas Traditions - A Christmas printable with 15 traditions in a 2 page layout that is easy to store and gives you a quick glance of what you can do to make the holiday season more memorable for your family.
    • Christmas Traditions - Several creative activities you can have fun with your family and bring in the holiday spirit into your home.
    • Incredible Gingerbread Houses - The biggest and most creative gingerbread houses.  You're going to love the inspiration.
    • 12 Days of Christmas - I love the 12 Days of Christmas poem and the many things you can do with it! You can use these ideas to do together as a family, mail one at a time or all together, do with your youth at church, as girlfriends for a friend who needs a lift, the possibles are endless!
    • You Are Special Red Plate - Basically how the tradition works, is that you use the ‘You are Special’ red plate at meal time when someone accomplishes something, gets a good grades, has a birthday, etc.  You can even give the tradition to friends and family for Christmas.  It makes a cheap and easy hand made gift.
    • Handmade Christmas Traditions - We have several homemade Christmas traditions in our family that I’ve also made and given as gifts.
    • New Christmas Traditions - I’ve been really focusing on starting some fun but different family traditions this year during the Christmas season. Here are some that I’ve been impressed with.
    • Christmas Scripture Tradition - Beginning on the first day of December, read one scripture a day with your family.  Consider  using your family’s talents by adding special musical numbers and singing together.
    • Unique Traditions - Here are some unique Christmas traditions that you can do with your family to create the Christmas Spirit as well as special memories.
    I hope you plan a wonderful hand made Christmas season with your family!

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