Don't Eat Darcy Game This is a cute game that you can give to a Jane Austen fan or Pride and Prejudice Fan!  Add a box of candy and you've got a unique and enjoyable gift. This is a spin off of the 'Don't Eat Pete' game. How to Make: 1.  Print out on Card stock. 2.  Cut white edges off leaving an even small trim of white. 3.  Glue to colored paper. 4.  Laminate. How to Play: Place one piece of candy in each square. Send one person out of the room while the group chooses one candy piece to be “PETE”.  When the player returns he eats the candies one at a time; but the minute he touches “PETE” the group yells “DON’T EAT PETE”!! His turn is then over and the next player leaves the room. Continue until all have had a turn. Don't Eat Darcy EHprint Buy on Etsy for only $1.95!