Are you looking to host the best parties ever this holiday season?  Then consider yourself hooked up with fun Christmas games, Christmas games for Adults, and even Christmas Activities for kids and entertainment as a family!  Here are 34 of the best Christmas games and party themes that I've found online.  Yep, they're the best parties ever!  {like oh my gosh}

Christmas Games

Christmas Games 1.  Have a "Minute To Win It" party Christmas-style -This is such an amazing party with fabulous Christmas games like:
  • See-how-many-marshmallows-you-can-get-through-the-wreath-and-into-the-bucket-in-a-minute game
  • Can-you-stack-the-cups-with-one-hand-in-a-minute game.
  • How-many-ornaments-can-you-balance-on-a-yardstick-and-paper towel tube-without-it-falling-over-in-a-minute game.
  • Can-you-get-the-red-pompom-on-a-string-up-on-your-Vaseline-covered-nose-in-a-minute game.
  • The Nut-stacker game.
  • How-many-ornaments-can-we-hang-on-the-string-without-using-our-hands-in-a-minute game.
  • Can-you-get-the-cookie-from-your-forehead-into-your-mouth-without-using-your-hands-in-a-minute game.
  • Try-to-open-the-present-with-ski-gloves-on-before-doubles-are-rolled.

Photo Booth Fun with Printable Props

2.  Photo Booth Fun with Printable Props - Every good party needs a photobooth! The best photobooths have props so your guests can cut loose and get silly. Candy Coated Christmas Party 3.  Candy Coated Christmas Party - After the kids decorated their food items, they played outside in the (barely there) snow. Hot chocolate was waiting to warm them up, with a snowman Peep on the side. This is the time they were able to write their letters to Santa.

Christmas Games For Adults

Christmas Games For Adults 4. White Elephant Gift Exchange -  Every year I look forward to our annual White Elephant gift exchange party.  Julie, our host, prints out this Gift Exchange Poem to spice things up a bit. 5. Two Truths and a Lie Game - Two Truths and a Lie is a popular ice breaker game.  In the game, a person tell three stories about themselves, two of which are true, and one that is not.  The goal of the player is to determine which story is not true.  You can play this in a Christmas party setting in a group with the theme topic of "their worst Christmas gift". 6.  What If / Then Game - Everyone gets in a circle and is given two pieces of paper and a pen.  On the first paper each guest writes down any "What If" question.  Collect all of those papers into a bowl.  Next, pass out the "What If" questions and  have each guest write the "Then" answer to that specific question onto their second piece of paper.  Have each guest put their "What If" question into one bowl and the "Then" answer into a second bowl.  Now it's time to read them Mad Lib style.  Have each guest take 1 paper from the "What If" bowl and 1 paper from the "Then" bowl.  Take turns going around in a circle and reading the two papers back to back:  What If / Then!  It's hysterical and a great crowd pleasure.

Christmas Party Games

Christmas Games For Adults 7.  Can you guess the Christmas songs from the pictures?  How fun would this reverse Pictionary game be at a Christmas party. Hold up the picture and have the room guess what song it is.  You can even split up in teams and enjoy a little competition.   This isn't the best picture - so if any of you talented artists recreate this ~ be sure to send it to me!  {snicker} 8.  Christmas Carol Pictionary Game - This isn't a free download, but I thought it was a darling game made by a fellow blogger that you can play with all ages.

Gift Wrapping Party

9.  Gift Wrapping Party - “Wrapping holiday gifts can be a boring chore, often amounting to hours spent on the floor in a sprawl of presents, cursing from the paper cuts and somehow always running out of tape. (Or is that just me?) Now turn that chore into a party, and you’ve got something much more fun and festive." Christmas Party Games 10. How to Host an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party - Host a hysterically themed party where all the guests come wearing the most hideous Christmas sweaters they can find. 11.  How to host a Cookie Exchange Party - Organize a group of your friends and ask each guest to bring a dozen goodies for each guest, plus a few for the party sampling. Guests should also bring a copy of the recipe card for their baked item for each person. Christmas Themed Art Party 12.  Christmas Themed Art Party - Have your guests create their own work of art while celebrating the holiday season.

Best Parties Ever!

Best Parties Ever! 13.  Santa’s Christmas Breakfast - I love this idea for a Christmas breakfast party.  Take a look at those donut towers!  And I am freaking out a little bit over those mason jar drink dispensers.  I’m gonna have to get my hands on some of those. Christmas Games & Party Themes 14.  Santa’s Mustache Christmas Party - This is a Girls’ Night Out Cocktail Party but you can tweak it for an office or family affair. All the food and decor are all centered around the white mustache.  Adorable! 15.  Winter Candyland {party} - This party was hosted for a Kindergarten class but you can use many of the elements and decor ideas for a party of all ages. 16.  We Three Kings {party} - A gorgeous black, gold, and white themed dinner with all the creative accents like: frame, invitation, napkin rings, and place cards. 17.  Winter Wonderland Cocoa Part {how-to} - An elegant party of white and baby blue glittered with snowflakes. Such a fun theme color scheme. Gingerbread House Making Christmas Party 18.  Gingerbread House Making Christmas Party - Amazing decor and Christmas game ideas and party favors for the kids this holiday season.

Christmas Activities for Kids

Christmas Activities for Kids 19.  Top 10 Christmas Activities for Kids - There are a ton of Christmas crafts out there, but the projects I am featuring today are not only adorable, but they are super SIMPLE and fun activities for kids! Most of the projects only require a few materials to complete, and they are great for kids of all ages. 20.  Eight Gingerbread Houses {to make} - Eight tutorials on how to make the most gorgeous Gingerbread houses.  This would be a fun party theme or just an activity for the family. 21.  Christmas Mad Libs {Printable} - Who doesn’t love a good Mad Lib?!  Use these to keep the kids busy over the holiday break, or roll them up and stuff them in their stocking on Christmas morning for some fun family laughs. 22.  Printable Christmas Action Cards - Use these fun action cards to get your little one engaged in some fun activities.  Pick a picture and let them act it out. Christmas Activities for Kids 23.  Twelve Days of Christmas Activities - You can use these ideas to do together as a family, mail one at a time or all together, do with your youth at church, as girlfriends for a friend who needs a lift, the possibles are endless. 24.  How to Create Memorable Christmas Traditions - Start memorable family activities during the Christmas holidays that will bond you together.  Here are 12 Christmas traditions to get you started. 25.  Letter to Santa and Gift Tags {Free Printable} - Keep the kids busy by having them write a Letter to Santa! Also download free “From Santa” gift tags. 26.  Christmas Alphabet Book {printable} - Print out this fun mini-alphabet book for your toddler this Christmas season.  It also makes for a fun party bag stuffer for kids if you host a Christmas party. 17 Christmas Traditions {free printable} 27.  17 Christmas Traditions {free printable} - A Christmas printable with 17 traditions in a 2 page layout that is easy to store and gives you a quick glance of what you can do to make the holiday season more memorable for your family. Christmas Games and Activities 28.  Wish List & Letter To Santa {Free Printable} - What kid doesn’t love to mail off a letter to Santa?  You can print a darling “fill in the blank style” letter to Santa, as well as a festive red and green wish list and matching gift tags. 29.  Lifesavers Candy Train Ornament {activities for kids} - Looking for a fun activity for the kids?  Here’s how to make this cheerful Lifesavers Candy Train!  This cute choo-choo also makes a neat favor for a Train theme party and a Christmas party favor for room mothers to give out. 30.  Felt Santa Beard {Free Pattern} - I love easy, fast sewing projects. Especially the ones that make me smile when I am done. This Santa beard is just that type of project. 31.  You’ve Been Elf’d {printable} - A fun ring and run Christmas activity for kids.  Simply leave this sign along with some goodies, knock on the door, and run!  It creates fun memories for all.

Fun Christmas Games

32. Cut The Candybar - The object is to eat as much of the candy bar as you can before someone rolls a double. This is a great group game.  For a great family Christmas gift, print out this game directions and add them to a cutting board and glove-like hot pads. 33.  How to Make a Snowman Pinata - You're guess will love this unexpected Christmas game of clobber the snowman!

Company Party

Company Party 34.  Christmas Company Party Dessert Table - Yummy food, darling labels, and colorful ribbons make an impressive Christmas Company party display. Christmas In July

Homemade Christmas Ideas

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