As a blogger, you are creating original content, which you want tons of people to read, and my step-by-step guide to get paid for your content shows you how.  In the next few months I'm inviting real bloggers who have studied my my workshop, Mom Blog to Money Blog to share their honest, unbiased opinions about the workshop, and you can see for yourself if it's worth it to shell out the cash.

Mom Blog to Money Blog Review ~ Day 3

I can not tell you how many times a day I get asked questions on how to make money with a blog.  It breaks my heart that I can't clone myself to give everyone a one-on-one consultation or respond to every email or notification I receive.  Therefore, I sat down for 4 weeks and wrote everything I know about blogging in this course, Mom Blog to Money Blog. It's an online workshop with a one-time membership fee, which is a one year membership, no strings attached, and no hidden fees.  It's straight from my heart spilling all my secrets, with 16 printable checklists, and 21 how-to video's.  My hope was to make you feel like I was right there next to you and walking you through the process.  {hugs} So, are you ready to  get paid for your talent and writing writing and bring home the bacon?  I’ll show you how.  {{click the links for more info.}} Post Button 250_no discount_no price


Day Three's focus in the Mom Blog to Money Blog teaches how to set up networking tools to promote yourself and your blog in an efficient way.  Efficiency is the key here with automation!  Decide what your social media goals are and claim your name!  Day 3 has a great worksheet to help you stay organized that's really effective for checking off steps for setting up your blog on social media sites before your name is taken.

My Time As A Mom ~ Review of Day 3

As a blogger, freelance writer and mom at My Time As a Mom, time is of the essence. Day 3 was invaluable because it focused on social networking while keeping your goals in mind and doing so efficiently. The strategies for Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter break down how to get started on the various sites along with how to use them effectively for your blog.

 Scheduling Social Media Is So Helpful!

In Day 3 of the Mom Blog to Money Blog Workshop I was reminded of how helpful it can be to schedule social media. I used to do this when I first started blogging but I had stopped somewhere along the way. Day 3 reminded me that it can really save time to schedule social media so that I don't have to stop and do it each day. The other really valuable part of Day 3 for me was the Google Plus strategy. Before starting this workshop I was on Google Plus but I hadn't used it in a long time. I have now updated my Google Plus profile page, created Google Plus brand pages for both of my blogs and actively use the social networking site for promoting my writing.

How far out do you schedule your social media?

Question for Laurie:  How far out do you schedule your social media? How often do you post on Facebook and Google Plus? Answer by Laurie:  Great question Jessica. As you're planning your editorial calendar you want to simultaneously plan your social media amplification. Because I adore passive income and don't rely heavily on social media interactions to generate my income ~ my advice is to do it as far in the future as you're comfortable with. At least 2 weeks. Here's the key... when pre-scheduling your social media posts like Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ using Hootsuite... you must always think about "what's in it for my reader". You never ever want these 140 characters to be about you, your blog, or your sponsor. To be truly effective, they must always be about YOUR READER. If you keep that in mind, then it doesn't matter how far out you schedule them. Even if there is a natural disaster in Haiti {which happened} and your auto-post on Twitter is a thoughful solution to solving a problem your reader has... then you won't offend anyone and it will still be relevent. Say for instance, you did a recipe post using a Kraft product as a sponsored post. Instead of your scheduled Facebook post saying, "I love this new Kraft product it made my recipe so yummy. <link to your post>" Your scheduled post should give a solution to a problem your reader has like, "Looking for a quick dinner recipe for the family tonight? This is my boys favorite and thought you'd like it too. Enjoy! <link to your post> <image with watermark>" Do you see the difference? The first one is completely spammy but the second one is personable and will generate more click-throughs and interest with your readers. As far as how often you should post on Facebook and Google+ ~ that really depends on what your readers want from you. Tip Junkie readers want a LOT of information, so I post every 2 hours. In my opinion, you should post at minimum twice a day. Once before 7am CST and once after 8pm CST. The morning link could be the current day's post and the afternoon link could be an old post that you want to give more traction. The number of times you post on social media sites also depends on your goals for those sites. For instance, the Tip Junkie Facebook page is more for engagment with readers and Google+  is more for SEO and Google indexing. Thanks Jessica, I hope that answers your questions from Day 3 of the Mom Blog Money Blog online workshop.

"Laurie is full of great information!"

I'm always worried about posting too much on my social media accounts and scheduling too far in advance. Thanks to Laurie, I have a better idea of how much to post and what to post for the different sites. Plus, I've started using Google Plus more which has helped my SEO. Can't beat that!