These are the newest entries from Tip Junkie readers for the 1st Annual Christmas Tree Contest.   You can start voting now and it's not too late to enter to win!  {giddy} Click here for the details on how to win and how to vote for the  Tip Junkie Christmas Tree Contest ~ Win $100! right here on Tip It’s a fun way to be inspired by beautiful handmade Christmas Trees!  I’m all about giving YOU a chance to win $100 bucks for sharing your fabulous Homemade Christmas Tree ideas. {squeal} * Tip Junkie is also hosting a Christmas Card Contest, for details click here.

Christmas Tree Contest

Everyone is invited to enter Tip Junkie’s Christmas Tree Contest; no blog is required. {giddy} Tip Junkie members {that’s YOU!} will vote for the winner of $100.  That’s $100 bucks to spend however the winner wishes. {high fives}!  It’s always so much fun to see your amazing talent!

Deadline: Entries will be accepted through Friday, December 14th, midnight CST!

Newest Contest Entries ~ Time to Vote!

1.  Wrapping Paper Ornaments Christmas Tree ~ Decorate a stunning glittery Christmas tree with handmade wrapping paper ornaments. Glitter wrapping paper will add amazing sparkle to your tree with little effort and not much cost!

Homemade Christmas Trees

2.  How to Make a Christmas Bulb Garland ~ This simple DIY shows you how to take ordinary Christmas bulbs and turn it into something to make more than your Christmas tree look festive!

3.  Book Page Christmas Trees ~ This is one of my favorite projects. I will warn you, it is not a quick project but it is easy and cute. I made these three years ago and with proper storage they are still holding up really well- I put them out every holiday season! It’s literally made up of a styrofoam cone, book pages and straight pins.

4.  Button Christmas Tree & Ornament ~ How to make a button Christmas tree and ornament for gifts or for decorating your Christmas tree. This tutorial has pictures and step-by-step instructions. Very easy to make and only a few supplies are needed: foam ball or cone, buttons and push pins.  A very fun DIY gift or decoration that can be completely customized to your favorite colors or to match your decor!

5.  Red Carnation Christmas Tree ~ Create a stunning and long lasting holiday center piece using fresh carnations, and wet flower foam. Add other small flowers like little mums for ornaments. Add some bling with glitter.

6.  DIY Mercury Glass Trees ~ Learn how to make your very own DIY Mercury Glass Trees – great for this year’s holiday decor! Can you believe that Christmas time is upon us? It’s time to deck those halls! And this season I’m still in love with all of the mercury glass I’m seeing in designer stores. But in order to save a few bucks, you know I like to DIY!

7.  Felt Shingle Tree ~ Create a cute Christmas tree for your mantel using a foam cone, felt and pins. Perfect craft for nap time. 8.  DIY Thumbtack Christmas Trees ~ These Christmas trees look great on mantels, coffee tables, centerpieces, and so much more! Easy to make — mindless crafting. Just hang out on the sofa with some Christmas movies on the television and you’ve got yourself a fun crafting evening!

9.  DIY Rosette Cone Christmas Tree ~ There are so many different types of Cone Christmas Trees you can make this Holiday season; however a lot of the Cone Christmas Tree Projects are a bit time consuming.  Although they are well worth the extra time it’s often difficult to actually find the time to sit down and make them. So, I’m going to show you a very quick and easy DIY Rosette Cone Christmas Tree tutorial that only takes about 10-15 minutes to make. You can’t beat that, right?!!

10.  DIY Wooden Christmas Tree {tutorial} ~ Make your own wooden Christmas tree to add a whimsical, rustic touch to your holiday decor. This is easy and quick and doesn’t cost more than a couple of nails and a little elbow grease.

11.  Christmas Planter ~ A hanging planter is turned into an outdoor mini Christmas tree in a monogrammed planter.

12.  DIY Christmas Wishing Tree ~ Christmas is here again! This year I decided to decorate my table with a centerpiece. I built a wishing tree for Christmas, it is very simple to make!  This wishing tree is also suitable for a baby shower celebrated during the holiday season.

Edible Christmas Trees

13.  Christmas Tree Bento ~ A simple, easy and healthy Christmas Tree lunch packed to go!  A Christmas Tree sandwich, cucumbers and sprinkles over yogurt.  This would be the perfect lunch after picking your tree and/or decorating your Christmas tree.

14.  Christmas Tree Cake Balls ~ Christmas Tree Cake Balls! Just make regular cake balls, dip them in green candy melts and place them in the shape of a Christmas Tree.  Presentation is everything!

15.  Christmas Tree Pancakes ~ Make some Christmas Tree shaped pancakes for a fun breakfast! Pour your pancake batter into separate squeeze bottles and make your design on your griddle/pan. Cut a sausage for the tree “trunk”.  

It's not too late to enter your own past ideas. Deadline: Entries will be accepted through Friday, December 14th, midnight CST!

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