Rachel skirt

Daniela Gutierrez
Easy sewing pattern to make a ruched skirt. As simple as it can be! Sizes from 4 to 22… continue reading

Bandana Bib Tutorial - with a NEW Free Pattern

Damjana AppleGreen Cottage
​​A step-by-step bandana bib tutorial with a NEW free pattern, quite simple and easy to make. It will be made in no time and save you so… continue reading

The ultimate beach blanket tutorial

So Sew Easy .
The Ultimate Beach Blanket features an insert for three pillows or storage, a small pocket under the blanket to hide your mobile phone a… continue reading

Minimalist Kraft Tex wallet

So Sew Easy .
Is your style more functional than fussy? Like to carry a small bag without being laden down with weight and unnecessary items? Or have … continue reading

Road trip summer mug rug tutorial

So Sew Easy .
It’s road trip time! The hubster and I love to pack up the car and head off for adventures! Sometimes we drive for days, and sometimes f… continue reading

This Totally UNPROFESSIONAL Sewing Hack

Damjana AppleGreen Cottage
I need to admit: I used a totally unprofessional sewing hack when sewing a jersey patch on a sleeve to make it easier. I'm still a bit a… continue reading

Perfect beach dress pattern

So Sew Easy .
The Perfect Beach Dress is an A-line dress, meant to be worn over your swimsuit and it falls above the knee. I have made this dress for … continue reading

An Introduction to Sewing Sweater Knits

So Sew Easy .
These highly textural, stretch fabrics can be cozy, lacy, casual, or sophisticated. With a good sweater knit and a little practice, you … continue reading

Tutorial: a Cute Bucket Hat

Damjana AppleGreen Cottage
​An easy and FREE step-by-step tutorial to make the cutest bucket hat for your kid. Get your FREE PATTERN and updated SIMPLIFIED HOW-TO,… continue reading