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22 DIY Apron Patterns to Make

Here are the best free sewing patterns to teach you how to make an apron.  I've included every type of free apron pattern including… continue reading

Casual Pants

Daniela Gutierrez
Easy, loose fit with elastic waistband. The perfect pants to match any outfit. You can make them bold with the right print or classic… continue reading

Cosmetics bag with fold over brush roll - video

It's not the best idea to have your make up brushes just rolling around loose inside your cosmetics bag. They can get dirty and the ends… continue reading

Pauline Dress

Daniela Gutierrez
This is my Pauline Dress. It is the winter version of my Paula Dress pattern and both can be downloaded on my blog. The pattern size… continue reading

How to make Pom Pom pillows

If you are looking to sew up some throw pillows, try adding some pom pom trim for a very quick and easy way to make them look a little m… continue reading

Halloween tote bag tutorial

Petro Neagu
This is a simple lined tote bag with a boxed bottom, easy to complete in just 30-45 minutes at a pretty low cost. I’ve made a toddler si… continue reading

Reusable market tote bag

Are you trying to help the environment by using a reusable shopping bag instead of a plastic bag from the store? It's the right thing t… continue reading

How to install bag feet – 2 styles

I’m always looking for ways to make my homemade bags looks more professional and although it does increase the cost, adding hardware suc… continue reading

Scrappy reversible Halloween table mats

Halloween is a great time of year to have friends over. Whether you are having a full-on party, just a few friends over for nibbles or a… continue reading