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Tetris Tote bag Tutorial

Julie Nyanyo
Step by step instructions to make a retro Tetris tote bag. Mine is made from scraps of felt, an old pair of school trousers and 2 tea to… continue reading

Embroidery floss bobbins - free printable

teresa brilhante
With this project I'm going to show you a simple and cheap way to keep your embroidery floss organized. I'm always making an effort to… continue reading

Little girl bag: tutorial and pattern

teresa brilhante
Tutorial and pattern (drafted by me) that will allow you to put together a super cute bag for your little girls or to give as a gift… continue reading

Boost Your DIY Creativity by Following these 6 Pinners on Pinterest

John  Martin
You will agree with me that there is enough DIY related information already out there. Don't you? The real question that pop us in our m… continue reading

Boring Jean Dress Refashioned into Perky Top

Angela Horton
I started with a boring, thrifted jean jumper dress and turned it into a fiery little tunic top. With just a little sewing skill (easy … continue reading

Free Skirt Doll Pattern

Meghan Welch
A free doll pattern to match the Moo Skirt Pattern from The Sewing Geek.… continue reading

Simple Quilt Patter

shonee smith
Homemade quilts are awesome! Sometimes the patterns can be pretty intricate which is nice when you have a lot of time to spend on cuttin… continue reading