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Free shrug pattern – Sew A So Simple Shrug

The free shrug pattern looks pretty funky when you look at the pattern. It's just one piece and hard to make out what it's going to beco… continue reading

DIY Fabric Covered Mini Notebook Tutorial

Vicky @ Mad For Fabric
Recycle your paper, fabric scraps, and cereal boxes to make this fabric covered mini notebook. … continue reading

White Winter Girl’s Stole Pattern and Tips for Working with Faux Fur

Every month, my son’s school has a dress-up day and for December the theme was “Narnia”. My nieces go to the school as well, so I ended … continue reading

How to sew a fly front zipper

There is no need to be deterred by that fly front zipper – you can do it. When learning a new skill, you can always practice on scraps… continue reading

Opening my new Christmas present

Merry Christmas everyone. Just a quick hello from me today because I’ll be far too busy trying to save my reputation and not become a l… continue reading

Raglan Top for men

Daniela Gutierrez
Easy and so practical! Raglan long sleeve t-shirt for men Sizes from Small to XXXL… continue reading

Christmas baby bibs free pattern and tutorial

You will have a lot of fun with this Christmas baby bibs project! The pattern to make your own bib complete includes two different appli… continue reading

Made in a Snap – easy bag pattern

This is the Made in a Snap Bag - and its a quick and easy bag pattern and the latest in the 'My First Bag' series. It's a good bag for b… continue reading

How to shop for knit fabrics online

Do you ever shop for fabrics online? What about shopping for knit and stretch fabrics? Are you confident in where and how to shop for … continue reading