Crafty crayon roll up sewing tutorial

So Sew Easy .
A Quick and Crafty Crayon Roll is a perfect beginner project. Your kids will love it as a beautiful and functional place to store crayon… continue reading

Chicken Bean Bag Tutorial

Brandy Nelson
These little chickens take 10 minutes to make and are such a hit with kids! Fill them with beans, rice, or batting! Free template.… continue reading

DIY Fabric yo yo flowers

Petro Neagu
These pretty Yo Yo Flowers crafts are super easy to make and a great project idea for beginners. Also a perfect way to update your wardr… continue reading

Easy hoodie free pattern

Daniela Gutierrez
Easy spring hoodie to make in less than two hours. You will love how versatile and modern this pattern is. Available for free at my bl… continue reading

Flared t-shirt sewing tutorial

So Sew Easy .
Spring is the time to dress comfortably and in layers. A flared t-shirt is the one of those pieces of clothing we can just throw on wit… continue reading

Spring time mug rug tutorial

So Sew Easy .
Mugs rugs are super easy to make, they can be made using your favorite techniques (hand or machine), they make great gifts, and they can… continue reading

Did you make that? Is it a compliment?

So Sew Easy .
How do you feel if someone asks you that? Even for some reason if we don’t talk much about our hobby, sooner or later everyone is goi… continue reading

Serger scrap catcher tutorial

So Sew Easy .
Dealing with a mess when serging? An easy serger scrap catcher will put and end to this nightmare! For this serger scrap catcher you wil… continue reading

On threads and...more threads

So Sew Easy .
A good sewer should know her or his sewing thread. Whether sewing by hand or by machine, this means you should be able to determine the … continue reading