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Penguin Pot Holder

The penguin can easily be changed from a boy to a girl by cutting the bow tie from pink instead of red and moving it to the head, instea… continue reading

Beautiful Butterfly Cape

Mark Montano
Make a gorgeous butterfly cape with just one simple pattern and one very long stitch. Be runway ready for fall! Watch the video tuto… continue reading

An EASY HACK to TRACE a sewing pattern

Damjana AppleGreen Cottage
So you love sewing but not so much the pattern tracing work? This is for you: EASY and super FAST SOLUTION to get the (right size!) patt… continue reading

TUTORIAL: Hand Sanitizer Jacket

Ren Murphy
This custom Hand Sanitizer Jacket makes a great gift for teachers, new moms, or the workplace grab-bag. Quickly sew up a bunch for the u… continue reading

The Wear Everywhere Skirt – free pattern

Everyone needs a wardrobe of good basic skirts. Ones you can wear every day or for lots of different occasions. This Wear Everywhere Ski… continue reading

Hammerhead Shark pillow pattern

Pillow pets are so popular. The selection of animals is pretty small, so I decided to make my own! This pattern is for a Hammerhead shar… continue reading

30+ Thanksgiving sewing ideas

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to show off your sewing skills to a wider audience. Maybe family you’ve not seen in a while wi… continue reading

Sew a soft cuddly BABY TOY - with link to my tutorial

Damjana AppleGreen Cottage
A soft toy for a baby. A perfect baby-welcoming gift you can make in a really short time. Easy to make, this step-by-step tutorial t… continue reading