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Simple Summer Pleated Skirt pattern

This could easily be your go-to skirt for summer. Make it once, and then over and over in different fabrics. I think you’ll like it! … continue reading

How and where to use Knit Stay Tape

It’s something I use a lot and I think if you sew with stretch fabrics, it’s a really good tool, so let’s look at it in more detail. … continue reading

Bunny Silhouette Hot Pad Tutorial

These bunnies are specifically made for Easter, but they’d be cute year round in all sorts of color combinations. The bunnies and grass … continue reading

Easy way to turn a tube of fabric right side out

Turning a tube the right side out once you had stitched the tube is a pretty hard job and it can get frustrating! It just all bunches up… continue reading

Fun sock animal sewing patterns

Enjoy this round up of some sock monkeys and other ingenious sock animal sewing patterns that I’ve put together. There’s everything fro… continue reading

Irish Sewing Blessing, Printable

Ren Murphy
Print and frame this fabricated Irish Sewing Blessing for the month of March -- available in multiple sizes and colors.… continue reading

Make your sewing pattern weights 11 ways

What are pattern weights? Exactly what their name says!nThey can be any heavy object, better if not too fragile or spiky, absolutely not… continue reading

Quick and Simple Spring / Easter Baby Bibs

Even if you don’t have a baby to sew for, these Easter baby bibs silhouettes can be used for a multitude of other projects! They would b… continue reading

How to make your own jelly roll quilt

Time to work on a new quilt top? Why not have a go at making your own jelly roll quilt pattern? If you know nothing about that, this … continue reading