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Make new sewing friends locally with the sewing map

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How to sew your own padded fabric bag handles

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Big Bro Applique Templates

Denise Knapp
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Vintage sewing pattern printable fabric purse

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How to make a skirt tutorial… without a tape measure

Emily Richardson
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handmade pug dolls

Arzu  Arukaslan
Hello. ''I''m pug'' series are about my pug's daily life and people's feelings to her. Every doll has a piece of my love, so they are l… continue reading

Neat way to fold and organize fabric

Messy fabric annoys me a lot but I found the perfect solution. You can buy these ‘magazine boards’ from Amazon. They are basically des… continue reading

Felt pig pattern + giveaway

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How to mark and sew double ended darts

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