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Tips to Pamper Yourself When You Are Pregnant

Sally Wilkinson
Feeling so moody and stressed out now that you are a pregnant mom? It is normal to go through different mood swings during the period bu… continue reading

Triangle fabric weights sewing tutorial

Petro Neagu
Make your own weights for sewing with this 10 minutes fabric weights tutorial. Perfect for skipping pins when tracing your patterns but … continue reading

Faviola summer dress

So Sew Easy .
This dress is very easy to make. It does take a bit of effort to prepare the fabric, but once you are ready, it can be sewn in 30 minut… continue reading

Tips for Choosing Fabric for Children’s Clothes

So Sew Easy .
All parents would agree that it’s a herculean task to maintain children’s clothes. All the chocolates and cookies that they snack on ine… continue reading

DIY No sew skirt

Petro Neagu
Fashion a cute skirt from a man’s t-shirt? This DIY no sew skirt is awesome! No needle, no thread, ready to wear in minutes! … continue reading

The Ultimate Summertime Sewing Roundup

So Sew Easy .
We love summertime and we know that the last thing you want to do is find yourself unprepared, searching the stores and coming home with… continue reading

Fringed bag tutorial

So Sew Easy .
Small bags are really “in” at the moment and a small fringed bag tutorial like this one is particularly fun and easy to make. A small… continue reading

Men's pajama shorts with pockets

So Sew Easy .
Here are some mens pajama shorts that no one will know are pajamas and are good enough to go to the supermarket and grab a gallon of mil… continue reading

Seahorse mug rug tutorial

So Sew Easy .
Summer is finally here and when you live along the shores of Lake Michigan, you are so happy to see it finally show up! One of the thing… continue reading