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Baby kimono onesie

So Sew Easy .
If you’ve ever dressed a little baby, you’ll know how much they like to wiggle; making it really difficult to put any clothes on them. A… continue reading

How to Hem Pants with a Sewing Machine

Easy Sewing for Beginners
Here's a step by step video tutorial for how to hem pants with a sewing machine using a straight stitch. It includes a step by step pho… continue reading

Easy tunic free sewing pattern

So Sew Easy .
This is a tunic that is so easy to make that you will want to make many in different colors. This pattern would make a good project for… continue reading

Rope bag sewing tutorial

Petro Neagu
Use your basic sewing skills and some humble rope to build a fabulous bag with this easy to follow rope bag sewing tutorial. Perfect for… continue reading

Puppies and kittens mug rug tutorial

So Sew Easy .
Everybody loves puppies and kittens, and who wouldn’t? They have big, innocent eyes, ears they have to grow into, and watching them play… continue reading

Vintage apron free sewing pattern

Petro Neagu
If you’re looking for an apron with a little retro flair that is sweet looking, fun and easy to make, this Vintage Apron Pattern is it! … continue reading

Eve pleated top pattern

So Sew Easy .
For lunch with a friend, taking a long trip, or going to the doctors or even hiking, this blouse will do it all depending on what fabric… continue reading

Tips for sewing denim

So Sew Easy .
Denim is a very strong, long-lasting fabric that has been extremely popular for over 100 years. If you need to tailor your denim or have… continue reading

Fringe bathmat sewing tutorial

So Sew Easy .
This fringe bath mat is large and easy to dry, but attractive to change a bathroom that might otherwise look boring. It will also help k… continue reading