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How to Make Cute Beaded Cell Phone Charms with Purple Ribbon Flower

vicky hall
Come to see how I create a cute cell phone charm using ribbons, lace and beads. In this beaded phone charm, the ribbon flower is the hig… continue reading

Boost Your DIY Creativity by Following these 6 Pinners on Pinterest

John  Martin
You will agree with me that there is enough DIY related information already out there. Don't you? The real question that pop us in our m… continue reading

How to Braid a Flat Hemp Macrame Bracelet in a Different Way

vicky hall
This tutorial is about tutoring you to braid a flat hemp bracelet. Just take a few of little changes, we will show you a different way t… continue reading

Fabulous Blue Rose Flower Hair Clip out of Fabric

vicky hall
I will give you amazing instruction on how to make a blue rose flower hair clip out of fabric today! Are you expecting it? There are man… continue reading

How to make hair accessories with ribbon

vicky hall
Looking for novel diy jewelry ideas? “How to make hair accessories with ribbon” tutorial would satisfy you; hair clip is one kind of cut… continue reading

DIY Best Friend Infinity Bracelet with Forward & Backward Knot

vicky hall
This DIY infinity bracelet tutorial will show you a fun way to braid best friend bracelet with strings. Just with basic forward and back… continue reading

Vivid Leather Cord Bracelet with Fuchsia Beads

vicky hall
If you ask me how to make leather cord bracelets, I must recommend this leather cord bead bracelet tutorial to you because this piece is… continue reading

How to Make Braided Headbands with Ribbon for Girls

vicky hall
Here you’ll learn how to make braided headbands with ribbon. Once you understand this pattern and the skill, you can even make various r… continue reading