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Make Your Own Ledges for Toy Storage

Megan Chamberlin
Here's how I used some scrap wood boards to create ledges for my son's toy car collection. … continue reading

DIY Wire Basket Tutorial

shonee smith
This easy basket is a great way to get organized! Finally you will have a place for all of those odds and ends that never have a home. Y… continue reading

Wrapping Paper Storage Idea

shonee smith
This tall basket is the perfect organization solution for all of that gift wrapping stuff that doesn't have a home. Isn't it just annoy… continue reading

Tips to Choose the Perfect Boardroom Tables

Jeniffer Page
A boardroom is a very sensitive place in any company. This is because all internal and external meetings are held in it. However, the ta… continue reading

Tools for Removing Plaster from Your Wall

Jeniffer Page
The beauty your house really matters a lot. There are different ways of making your house to look better. Among the ways, include remova… continue reading

Get Your Kids to Do Chores & Make It Last!

Is the chore battle never~ending in your house? Here's some help to get the kiddos on board and keep peace in your home. Get all the ju… continue reading

DIY Geometric Spools

Maritza Lisa
Create these spools to store and organize all your bits and pieces of string, twine and ribbon… continue reading

Cute and Quick Color Block Dot Notebook

Whip up this cute notebook in no time flat....with very few supplies! Use as a journal or just to take notes. For full instructions, … continue reading

Cheater's Guide For Eliminating Holiday Clutter~ADHD Friendly Too!

Still swimming in the holiday clutter? This guide can help you organize it easy peasy! For full instructions please visit: Not So Id… continue reading