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Organizing Sprinkles in Your Kitchen

Dana H.
Do you have jars and bottles of varying sizes that hold your colorful cake, cookie and cupcakes sprinkles? I did. Now they are beaut… continue reading

How to Organize a Small Kitchen Food Pantry & Make It Pretty!

Dana H.
I am fortunate in that I have two pantries in my kitchen. One is used for party supplies and the other is for food. It is not a walk-i… continue reading

DIY Memo Board

Easily create a colorful memo board to stay organized.… continue reading

Packing For Smooth Relocation

Ashley  Elizabeth
Are you considering a best moving company for relocation ? Before you do so , get yourself familiar with moving techniques for hassle fr… continue reading

Command Center Organization

shonee smith
Thrifting is one of my favorite things to do. I came across this little metal organizer and knew that it could be somethings great. Co… continue reading

Real Estate Signs: How they can help you find the right property buyers?

Ashley  Elizabeth
Whether you’re a homeowner or a real estate agent, selling a property is not an easy task! You have to negotiate the right selling price… continue reading

Glamorously Girly Command Center

Amanda Fettig
I had a huge ugly calendar taped up on our wall, but needed a lot more organization than that. So, I took an old window and turned it in… continue reading

Linen Closet Organization - Maximize Your Small Space

KC Coake
In a small house, the need to maximize space is great. Even small spaces like a linen closet need to make sure they have no wasted space… continue reading

DIY - Beautiful Bracelet Organiser!

Barb  @ Sparkles in the Everyday !
An easy and quick way to store and sort your bracelets! This craft is one that will help you to organise your bracelets and make it qui… continue reading