Heart Lollipops

Learn how to join two candy canes together, and add chocolate to the middle, to make these delicious and cute heart lollipops. They are… continue reading

DIY Daisy Lollipops

Sibylle @ Funkytime
How to make your own lollipops with daisies inside. This is perfect for parties, wedding favors and birthday favors. There is no need fo… continue reading

Toy Soldier Lolipops {Candy Crafts}

Lorie A
Toy Soldier Lolipops {Candy Crafts} This tutorial will show you how to use dark modeling chocolate to decorate a fun toy soldier lollipo… continue reading

Lollipop Turkey {Candy Stand}

Lorie A
Lollipop Turkey {Candy Stand}This fun pumpkin and lollipop turkey makes a cute centerpiece for the kids table for Thanksgiving dinner.  … continue reading

Oreo Fish Bowl Pops {Kids Edible Crafts}

Lorie A
Oreo Fish Bowl Pops {Kids Edible Crafts}These cute fish bowl pops are a fun party favor and would even be a cute snack to make and enjoy… continue reading

Dr. Seuss Marshmallow Hats {Craft Ideas for Kids}

Lorie A
Dr. Seuss Marshmallow Hats {Craft Ideas for Kids}Cat in the Hat treats that are easy to make and fun to eat.  A great way to celebrate D… continue reading