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Natural Energy Bites

Kelly Smith
These healthy snacks are packed with wholesome, natural ingredients and are gluten and refined sugar free. Recipe and tutorial show how… continue reading

Divine Sugar Body Scrub Made From Scratch

Esther Lyndon-Jones
There is nothing better than to come close to nature and feel its wonderful power to heal, cleanse and energize us. The recipe I am abo… continue reading

Crystal Ball Jewelry

Mark Montano
Grow your own crystals to make magical crystal ball jewelry! Watch the short video tutorial here:… continue reading

Cinderella's Glass Slippers

Mark Montano
Make a wearable version of Cinderella's glass slippers from the latest Disney movie! Watch the short video tutorial here: https://www.… continue reading

Couture Military Jacket DIY

Mark Montano
Upstyle an old blazer into a beautiful military style jacket with very little sewing! You won't believe how we made the feathers. Watc… continue reading

Faux Quartz Crystal Jewelry

Mark Montano
Make lightweight faux quartz crystal jewelry that looks just like the real thing! So much easier to wear, too. Watch the video tutoria… continue reading

Paper Turquoise DIY

Mark Montano
Make beautiful faux turquoise with old newspapers, glue and paint! It's easy! Watch the short video tutorial here: https://www.youtub… continue reading

Handmade Bezel Resin Hearts

Mark Montano
Make your own bezel settings with easy to find supplies and then fill them with beads, baubles and Glaze Coat! Watch the short video tu… continue reading