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Blazer Makeover

Mark Montano
Turn a short blazer into a full length lace couture coat dress. Watch the video tutorial here:… continue reading

How To Detox Your Body Naturally

Marie Sanchez
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Morticia Addams Makeup

Stephanie Acevedo
Who doesn't love the Addams movie?? I know i do, and i also love Morticia's creepy/elegant makeup. If you thought it was hard to achieve… continue reading

Easy Lip Balm Recipe

Cari Dunn
This has been my standby recipe for many years because it is so easy. You just have to melt three ingredients together and pour in to l… continue reading

10 Best Sports Bras For Large Breasts

Marie Sanchez
The lack of a decent bra has curtailed the exercise regimen of many a well-endowed woman. As such, finding a well fitting, supportive sp… continue reading

Healthy Resolutions for the Year

Trisha Parry
A month by month guide of healthy habits to start during the year. Small changes lead to big changes!… continue reading

How to Tamp Coffee

Nino Di Rienzo
Making delicious coffee drinks at home can be fun and easy with an espresso machine. In this tip I will teach you how to tamp coffee … continue reading

Couture Earrings DIY

Mark Montano
Big, beautiful couture earrings are huge for fall and now you can make your own with large stone beads and rhinestone chain. Look like … continue reading

6 Fastest Ways To Lose 10 Pounds

Marie Sanchez
Okay, ladies, we've all been there. You've got a big event coming up - a wedding, a high school reunion, or a trip to the beach - and yo… continue reading