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Easy Tutorial on Making Beaded Flower Bracelet for Women

Jersica Smith
Learn how to make beaded flower bracelet with colorful beads. And make a beaded charm bracelet for yourself or your girlfriend. View thi… continue reading

How to Make a Beaded Pentacle Pendant Necklace with Chains

Jersica Smith
Here’s a simple tutorial about how to make a beaded pentacle pendant necklace. If you are interest in beaded star patterns and the meani… continue reading

How Do You Make Suede Cord Braided Bracelet with 3 Strands

Jersica Smith
Here show a simple way to make a suede cord bracelet by doing 3 strands braids. It makes a cool jewelry accessory for both male and fema… continue reading

Patterns on Making Native American Brick Stitch Earrings with Seed Beads

Jersica Smith
Today I am going to show you a tutorial on how to make brick stitch and fringe beaded earrings. Hope you have fun in making this native … continue reading

Easy Tutorial on Making Long Crystal Earrings with Beads

Jersica Smith
Do you like crystal earrings?Let’s follow this tutorial to learn how to handmade beaded jewelries with simple materials.View this tutor… continue reading

Step-by-Step Patterns on Making Fish-like Wire Earrings

Jersica Smith
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Braid in a Pony Tail Hairstyle

Angie Lee {Seven Clown Circus}
How to Make a Braid in a Pony Tail Hairstyle is a fun hair style for those that love a pony tail, like braids, and don’t want to spend a… continue reading

Making a Leather Necklace with Seed Beads and Rainbow Colored Turoqises

Jersica Smith
Learn how to make a leather necklace with seed beads and rainbow colored turqouises. Click our tutoiral to learn the new pattern and det… continue reading

How to Make a Stretch Bracelet with Polymer Clay and Turquoise Beads

Jersica Smith
Learn how to make a stretch bracelet with multi-colored polymer clay beads and round flat turquoise beads in this quick craft tutorial. … continue reading