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{DIY} Blooming Flower Ring Tutorial

vicky hall
Here a tutorial on how you can make a blooming flower ring with satin ribbons in less than half an hour. Trim several round pieces and t… continue reading

Healthy Alternative to Soda Pop

Lindsi and  Jamie
Want a healthy alternative for your child when they beg for soda? This recipe and guide for making a healthier drink might be just what … continue reading

How to Make My Own Glass Globe Ring out of Colored Wool Cords

Jersica Smith
Love glass globe rings? I’ve made another globe rings out of colored wool cords, and hope you will love it!View this tutorial… continue reading

Inspired Jewelry Designs- Making Celtic Knot Earrings with Copper Wire for

Jersica Smith
Learn how to make Celtic knot earrings with copper wire for women in pandahall learning center.View this tutorial… continue reading

Strawberry Layer Cake

Jessica  William
The divine strawberry layer cake looks as good as it tastes. It is an elegant treat to try for the Easter treat.… continue reading

Multifunctional Jewelry Design - How to Make a Long Chain Jewelry with Glas

Jersica Smith
Let’s make a multifunctional bead and chain jewelry which can be worn as long necklace, multi strand bracelet and cool hair accessory! G… continue reading

Glittering Crafts on Making DIY Heart Shaped Rhinestone Brooch

Jersica Smith
Here, I’m gonna show you an easy instruction for a glittering heart shaped brooch. For those who love handmade brooch, this might be one… continue reading

Beading Ideas-Make Your Own Statement Necklace in a Distinctive Way

Jersica Smith
Getting new beading ideas on how to make your own statement necklace are sometimes a easy to find. In this tutorial, we will teach you a… continue reading

DIY Lovely Felt Heart Shaped Earrings with Beads

Jersica Smith
Here is an easy tutorial on DIY felt heart shapes earrings with beads for all DIY fanciers. Making this pair of pretty felt earrings for… continue reading