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Secrets To A Happy Marriage: 5 Things You Must Know...

Marie Sanchez
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Glitter Filled Knobs and Rings

Mark Montano
Make your own drawer knobs and statement rings with this simple tutorial using Glaze Coat and your favorite silicone mold. A quick trip… continue reading

10 Homemade Hair Conditioners To Moisturize, Soften, And Restore Your Locks

Marie Sanchez
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16 Terrific Tulle Projects

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HOW TO: Cover blemishes/Acne

Stephanie Acevedo
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Saintly Statement Choker

Mark Montano
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7 Photography Makeup Tips To Help You Look Flawless In Photos

Marie Sanchez
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Glam Rock Chain Cuffs

Mark Montano
Make mixed metal chain cuffs with your leftover chain pieces for your next big night out. Mixing metals makes these cuffs easy to wear … continue reading

Shoe Makeover Downton Abbey Style

Mark Montano
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