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Easy DIY - How to Make Lotions Bars and Lip Balm

Annette Browning
Have you ever looked … really looked at the ingredient list on a simple bottle of lotion? What the heck are all those things anyway? And… continue reading

Homemade pickled cucumbers

Petro Neagu
Pickled cucumbers are great to serve next to a steak, a stew or in burgers. Learn how to make pickled cucumbers at home with this very e… continue reading

DIY Foaming Hand Soap - Save $$!

Annette Browning
Did you know you can make your very own foaming hand soap? Well, yes you can! And it saves you tons of money. You can make your own for … continue reading

Too Many Tomatoes?

Lisa Marie Troch
Over a dozen recipes and ideas for all of those tomatoes. Most made very simply, quickly and with everyday ingredients that are good fo… continue reading

How to make your own rosemary infused oil

Petro Neagu
Rosemary infused oil (not to be confused with rosemary essential oil) is perfect for adding flavors to a variety of dishes from pizza to… continue reading

Genius Cooking Tricks for perfect recipes

Petro Neagu
Cooking can be a pretty tricky job, even when you’re religiously following the perfect recipe. Here’s a short list of some of the cookin… continue reading

How to Create a Safe Puppy Confinement Area

Creating a safe puppy confinement area for your furry friend  may take more thought, planning and implementation than you expected.… continue reading

How to prepare jars and bottles for canning

Petro Neagu
Forget about the mystique surrounding canning! Here are some simple and easy instructions on how to prepare jars for canning. … continue reading

Best Dog Gates for the Home

Picking the best dog gates for the home is NOT as easy as 1-2-3!  I've learned this the hard way!  We just brought 2 new puppi… continue reading
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