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Turn a Kleenex Box Into A Plastic Baggie Dispenser!

They have come out with so many pretty Kleenex boxes they are just to pretty to throw away. Stuff one with plastic baggies from Walmart… continue reading

Family Budget Worksheet

Grab this free printable budget worksheet to get your finances in order for the new year.… continue reading

Homemade Spray Starch

Keep your clothes fresh and crisp with this DIY Spray Starch and it's less expensive! CLICK here for recipe!… continue reading

DIY Shipping Pallet Ottoman

Jason Mazur
In the past, shipping pallets were typically seen as trash and were discarded after use. But nowadays they have been increasingly used i… continue reading

Cute Artistic Earrings

vicky hall
Wire earrings tutorial inspired by a forgotten painting about egg; within merely 15 minutes you’ll learn how to make earrings with wire … continue reading

New Twist Rubber Band Bracelet

vicky hall
There are lots of new rubber band bracelet designs; here I will teach you make twist rubber band bracelets. … continue reading

Love Knot Bangle Bracelets with Aluminum Wire

vicky hall
This is another Valentine’s Day themed tutorial on how to make love knot bangle bracelets with aluminum wire. Make these wire knot brace… continue reading

Handmade Colorful Flower with Rubber Bands

vicky hall
Ever wonder how to loom a colorful flower without a loom? This loom flower pattern is quick, easy and the final result is fabulous! Hope… continue reading

DIY Birds Nest Necklace

vicky hall
Although birds nest necklace has been already trendy for a long while, it is my first time to think about it being one of Easter craft i… continue reading