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Genius Cooking Tricks for perfect recipes

Petro Neagu
Cooking can be a pretty tricky job, even when you’re religiously following the perfect recipe. Here’s a short list of some of the cookin… continue reading

How to Create a Safe Puppy Confinement Area

Creating a safe puppy confinement area for your furry friend  may take more thought, planning and implementation than you expected.… continue reading

How to prepare jars and bottles for canning

Petro Neagu
Forget about the mystique surrounding canning! Here are some simple and easy instructions on how to prepare jars for canning. … continue reading

Best Dog Gates for the Home

Picking the best dog gates for the home is NOT as easy as 1-2-3!  I've learned this the hard way!  We just brought 2 new puppi… continue reading

DIY Citrus vinegar cleaner

Petro Neagu
Try this diy citrus vinegar cleaner to keep your home sparkling and safe from unhealthy chemicals. It smells amazing and doubles up as h… continue reading

Cornstarch and Silicone Molds

Mark Montano
Make your own molding putty with easy to find supplies and save a ton of cash! Watch the short video tutorial here: https://www.youtub… continue reading

30 Kitchen hacks that will save you time and money

Petro Neagu
It feels wonderful to ‪‎cook‬ or ‪bake‬ for family but let's face it, that takes time. Here are 30 time saving kitchen hacks that will h… continue reading

A Year-Long RV Adventure—Over In 6 Weeks

eileen gunn
Just six months ago, I was chomping at the bit to downsize from my 1,800 sq. ft. dream home steps from the national forest in Big Bear L… continue reading

Seven Healthy Meals In Under 20 Minutes

Lisa Troch
The Cherry On Top's Weekly Menu Planner has speed and health in mind, this week on the blog. I've got some original recipes, a free rec… continue reading