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Cherry Almond Butter French Toast

Ilona's Passion
Quick and easy to make french toast with almond butter and cherries.… continue reading

Snickers Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache

Ilona's Passion
Snickers cupcakes are perfect for any party. Sweet cupcakes loaded with tiny pieces of snickers and topped with chocolate ganache. … continue reading

Mixed berry crisp with whole wheat cereal & corn flakes

Petro Neagu
This berry crisp is a fun way to feature your favorite berries this season. Get your sweet tooth fixed with this mixed berry crisp that’… continue reading

Strawberry basil black pepper smoothie

Petro Neagu
A fresh twist on a smoothie! This quick strawberry basil smoothie with a touch of black pepper is a perfect snack, a refreshing dessert … continue reading

Pancakes with Lime Cherry Sauce

Ilona's Passion
Fluffy and traditional pancakes with sweetened naturally lime cherry sauce. These hot cakes are made in less than 30 minutes.… continue reading

Healthy Summer snacks you can whip up in minutes

Petro Neagu
Get a tasty and nutritious snack whenever you like with these simple, quick and easy snack recipe ideas. These quick healthy summer snac… continue reading

Healthy vegan homemade chocolate

Petro Neagu
Melt in your mouth vegan homemade chocolate! Made without artificial ingredients or preservatives, this wholesome treat is ideal for the… continue reading

Summer Veggie Casserole Recipe

Denise Knapp
This simple, budget friendly and meatless dish is perfect for summer! It has carrots and broccoli among pasta and gets its creaminess fr… continue reading

18 Perfectly Peachy Recipes for Summer

Easy to make recipes using peaches for yummy cookies, muffins, bread, bars, peach crisp recipes, simple peach cobble… continue reading