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Resin Butterfly Tray

Mark Montano
Turn a few pieces of wood into a beautiful butterfly tray that's perfect for entertaining or jazzing up your home decor! See how easy … continue reading

$16 Garage Door Makeover

Bambi Wortham
This is an easy way to update those plain Jane metal or fiberglass garage doors to give them the look of expensive wood doors. Instantly… continue reading

Before and After: Refinished dresser goes Hollywood glam with black paint!

Tarah Lynn
Flash back three years ago, it was May of 2013 and I lost my last grandparent: my grandma Charlotte who, with my grandpa Arvid, lived in… continue reading

Recycled DIY Projects: How To Make Plastic Spoon and Mirror wall decor.

Ananvita  Bhattacharya
Recycled crafts are my favorite. You use the imaginative side of you and create something totally beautiful and unique. This plastic spo… continue reading

DIY mason jar luminaries

Petro Neagu
These super easy and simple but oh, so gorgeous DIY jar luminaries are a great decor idea for weddings, holidays, Christmas, or even a p… continue reading

En la playa

sara zambola
Pues bien mi historia es ésta: Un día de agosto allá donde yo veraneo, mis amigos, mi novia y yo decidimos ir a pasar el día en la playa… continue reading

DIY Easy Paper Craft: How to Make a Pretty Crepe Paper Flower Bouquet

Ananvita  Bhattacharya
DIY Easy paper craft ideas is something that every crafter is always searching for and this Tutorial will tell you How To make a Pretty … continue reading

Vintage Marimekko Dishes

Mark Montano
Make your own set of hard-to-find, dishwasher safe vintage Marimekko dishes with mismatched dollar store dishes! See how easy they are … continue reading

DIY Eco Dust Cleaning recipes

Jade Clayton
To get rid of the dust on your furniture you should use products which have long-lasting effect and don't have side effects. However, mo… continue reading