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Painted Furniture Makeover

Kathy Owen
This piece of furniture gave me fits! It was in really bad shape when I purchased it and the Junktion Technical Specialist (JTS, my hubb… continue reading

Make Your Own Stamped Clay Magnets

Emma Liston
Brighten up your home with these stamped clay magnets made from air hardening clay.… continue reading

DIY Lego Table for Older Kids

Holly Homer
IKEA table hack to build a full size DIY LEGO table for older kids. Your kids will love the results of this DIY project.… continue reading

How-To Make Curtains With Blackout Lining

A simple tutorial on how-to make curtains with blackout lining. You don't need to be a wonderful seamstress , you just need to be able … continue reading

Installing a barn door

Paisley Hansen
I have wanted to install a barn door for a while, but I wanted to see how hard they were to install. They are becoming quite the trend i… continue reading

Spring Wreath Made from Paper Napkins

See our tutorial on how to make a wreath using paper napkins. It's so easy! Check it out at Sewlicious Home Decor!… continue reading

How-To Paint With Melted Crayons Tutorial.

Emma Liston
Tutorial on how-to make your own abstract art using melted crayons. Come see how simple and fun creating your own art can me with this g… continue reading

How-To Make a Candy Jar "Appear" Full

Jessica Barringer
I'm going to show you a simple how-to trick that will make your candy jars appear to be full that way you don't have a ton of leftover c… continue reading