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Vanity to Entryway Table

shonee smith
I loved this vanity as kid. As I have gotten older though I have found that I no longer use it. I decided to come up with a way to sti… continue reading

Fall Banner- FREE Printable

shonee smith
Fall is such a fun time a year. Come grab your FREE copy of this fun geometric fall banner. … continue reading

DIY Command Center

shonee smith
How to you keep you crafts supplies, papers, and office stuff organized? In the past I just shoved it in a corner. I really needed a s… continue reading

DIY Reading Nook

shonee smith
My little one loves her new reading nook. I was able to gather a rug and other soft stuff from around my house to make a cozy place for… continue reading

Dust FREE Chalkboard

shonee smith
Chalkboards are fun but the dust can get messy. Come check out my DIY tutorial on making your own Dust FREE Chalkboard. … continue reading

Colorful Bohemian Headboard

Mark Montano
Make this headboard with unexpected supplies like clothespins, joiner biscuits and Rit liquid dye! Create any pattern you want using al… continue reading

11 Creative Ways to Use Cinder Blocks

Wondering what to make with cinder blocks besides a brick wall?  The heavy concrete blocks can be used for so many more things than… continue reading

DIY Graffitti Doodle Wall

Omo Osiemi
I live in a studio apartment and its painted mostly white. I wanted to add a bit of color and personality to my walls and decided to jus… continue reading

DIY Rustic Wood Frame + free Psalms 23 Chalkboard Printable

shelly murphy
Today I’m gonna show you how you can create a massive piece of wall art – 18 x 24 inches to be exact – for only $1.67! Yep, you read th… continue reading