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How to build a cat scratching board

Paul Faure
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DIY Tutorial: How to make a Crystal Castle with Ice Rink

vanessa vallerin
Hello today i will show you How to make a Crystal Castle with Ice Rink I hope you like it Thank you … continue reading

Reasons Why Office Furniture Matters

Sally Wilkinson
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Decorating Your Living Room with Different Focal Points

Sally Wilkinson
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Buying Furniture in a Cost Effective Way

Jeniffer Page
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Faux Bugs in Resin

Mark Montano
Paint plastic bugs to look real (with DecoArt Metallic Lustres) and then trap them in resin for a creepy cool paperweight. Great project… continue reading

Birds and Butterflies Under Glass

Mark Montano
Turn dollar store items into a beautiful, museum-worthy display for your curiosity cabinet! Watch the fun video tutorial here: https:/… continue reading

Tips to Choose the Correct Lighting for Your Home

Sally Wilkinson
Many of us really don’t pay a lot of attention to the lighting in our home. Unless we get the help from an interior designer and he/she … continue reading

How to Reduce Your Home Renovation Costs

Jeniffer Page
Home renovations are done for various reasons. While some do it to increase their home value, some are merely interested in enhancing th… continue reading