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21 Ways to Make Beautiful Flowers {paper, fabric}

How to make beautiful flowers in paper or fabric that are adorable!  These step-by-step how to make flowers out of f… continue reading

How to Clean Your Paintbrush

Freddie Tyne
After spending hours painting your walls the last thing you want to do is clean your paintbrushes. Although the task is far from enjoyab… continue reading

Constellation Dishes

Mark Montano
Make beautiful dishwasher safe constellation dishes and have a star studded dinner table! Watch the video tutorial here: https://www.y… continue reading

The importance and types of exterior lighting fixtures

Ashley  Elizabeth
Lighting is one of the most important components of home design. However, when it comes to installing lighting fixtures, most people ten… continue reading

Woodland Animal Nursery Art Tutorial

Amanda Fettig
This is adorable Woodland Animal wall art for a nursery or kiddos room! So easy to make, and very inexpensive as well! It only cost abou… continue reading

DIY Chalk Painted Candle Holders

Amanda Fettig
A tutorial on how to transform old mismatched thrift store candle holders into beautiful more uniform decor! I needed something else to … continue reading

14 Lovely Side Table Makeovers

Wondering how to makeover side tables and bring new life to them?  I've hooked you up with these 14 Lovely Side Table Makeovers tha… continue reading

Floral Perspective: Autumn Floral Feast with Beth O'Reilly AIFD

Beth O'Reilly
In her last installment of the 2014 Mayesh Design Star Contest series, Beth O'Reilly AIFD TMF shows us how to make a structural arrangem… continue reading

Dollar Store Frame Makeovers

Mark Montano
Makeover ornate, plastic dollar store frames with chalky finish paint and wax to give them an expensive antique feel. Cluster them toge… continue reading