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Scalloped Edging for Granny Square Afghans

Karen Stewart
I teach you how to crochet a simple scalloped edging on a granny square. You can use this edging on any granny square afghan or granny s… continue reading

Crochet lace trim Polo Shirt

Karen Stewart
This tutorial will show you how to crochet a lace trim to the bottom of a knit shirt. I added this trim to the hem of a knit shirt that… continue reading

Simple Crochet Pencil Pouch

Alexis Middleton
This little pencil pouch is the perfect pattern for a beginning crocheter.… continue reading

Spiral Crochet Planter Cover

Ren Murphy
Crochet a spiral planter cover for your 4-inch plants with this quick pattern. This spiral crochet cover takes an inexpensive, store bro… continue reading

4 Color Braid Bracelet

vicky hall
Another cool knot friendship bracelet braided with 4 colored threads is taught here. Let’s just take out your hands and get ready to wit… continue reading

Sailor Knot Friendship Bracelet

vicky hall
Among friendship knot bracelets, sailor knot bracelet is very popular because it is simple to make and suits both boys and girls. Let’s … continue reading

Cute Cat above Stones

vicky hall
Today’s tutorial is entirely about how to wire wrap stones for pendants. Don’t leave! There is a beautiful wire wrapped cat stone pendan… continue reading

Crochet Pineapple Washcloth Pattern

Alexis Middleton
This little crochet pineapple makes a fun little washcloth. It also looks pretty cute sewn onto a pillow or bag as an applique. Get the … continue reading

Color block Beaded Cuff Bracelet

vicky hall
When I see this crystal cuff bracelet, I am fascinated by its bright color. It gives out a fresh smell, makes me feel so cool and comfor… continue reading