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Angel Sleeve Crochet Tunic Free Pattern

Jane Green
I’m happy to share my new free pattern! It’s a really quick and easy project for this hot summer. The tunic is crochet in the round from… continue reading

Crochet Summer Poncho Free Pattern

Jane Green
If you have some leftover yarn that you don’t know what to do with then this project for you! I’ve spent two evenings making this bright… continue reading

Crochet Maxi Skirt Free Pattern

Jane Green
If you still don’t have the maxi skirt and would like to make one, this pattern will instruct you how to crochet it. You can make the sk… continue reading

Summer Sherbet Crochet Planter Cover

Ren Murphy
Crochet a Summer Sherbet Planter Cover for your 4-inch plants with this quick pictorial and pattern. So bright and joyful -- perfect for… continue reading

Crochet Leaf Tunic Free Pattern

Jane Green
I’ve made this crochet leaf tunic special for plus size ladies. But you can make it in any size – from XXS to XXXL. Just make more rows… continue reading

Layered Crochet Skirt Free Pattern

Jane Green
This yellow mini skirt combines crocheted lace and bright color to create a fabulous layered design. You can wear it with a light blouse… continue reading

Crochet Skirt Free Pattern

Jane Green
This pretty crochet skirt can be made in one evening depending on your skill level and the length you want. If you want the high-waisted… continue reading

Ethnic Fashion

Frank Frank
There was once a moment when cultural trend that was sporting had not been regarded as trendy enough likely as that was not dictated by … continue reading

Crochet Beach Cover Up Pattern

Jane Green
The perfect cover up should always be on hand when you go on the beach. You can make this cover up dress from short to maxi length, with… continue reading