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Crochet Blouse Free Pattern

Jane Green
Get ready for spring and summer with this beautiful crochet tunic. It would be perfect for any occasion and it offers various wearing op… continue reading

elephant crochet hat

Jane C.
Love all thing elephant? Let's crochet this cute elephant hat for a very special person in your life with easy to follow pattern.… continue reading

Free Crochet Poncho Pattern

Jane Green
Crochet poncho is a unique and simple thing. You can wear it with anything you want, starting from jeans and shorts to dresses.… continue reading

How to Make Denim Yarn from Old Jeans

Annette Browning
Have you seen all of the posts lately about making yarn from old t-shirts? I thought, hey why not try making yarn from denim? Denim is a… continue reading

Easy Crocheted Flower Door Decoration

Ria Petridou
Spring is here and I have prepared a flower decoration for my door. You only need to find our the colorful yarns left from your other p… continue reading

How to Make Front Post and Back Post Double Crochet Stitches (Video)

Jane Green
From this post, you’ll learn how to make a front post and back post double crochet stitches. With their help you can make post stitch ri… continue reading

How to Make Puff, Bobble and PopCorn Stitches (Video)

Jane Green
Many crocheters are confused about the difference between bobble, pop corn and puff stitches. You can find a lot of patterns using them … continue reading

Crochet Blanket

Jane Green
I’ve always wanted to crochet a blanket in warm colors and now I did :) This warm combination of colors and pattern will keep you in a g… continue reading

Simple Two Toned Boot Cuffs

Jessica Spencer
A simple pair of ribbed boot cuffs, with a twist! Make these boot cuffs in two colors and flip them over to have a different color! Th… continue reading