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How to Handle End Of Lease Cleaning

Samantha Winterland
Cleaning up your rented home before moving out is a daunting task. If you don't want to rely on professional end of lease cleaning, then… continue reading

20 Ways to Use Vinegar in Unusual Ways

Vinegar is not just for cooking with, it's perfect for making homemade natural cleaners!  Here are 20 unusual cleaning with vi… continue reading

DIY Deep Cleaning for Your Bathroom

Alice Mitchel
Bathroom is a high traffic area in the house. That's why it gets dirty faster than any other room. Everyone wants to have a shiny spotle… continue reading

How to Kill Mould on Window Sills

Jane Wilson
Mould is a very common issue in many areas with a humid climate. Even if you take all the needed precautions, you can never know when it… continue reading

Natural way to clean pan and pots

Petro Neagu
Tired of spending too much time scrubbing your pots and pans? This natural way to clean pans and pots is not only easy and enjoyable but… continue reading

Cleaning Venetian Blinds - DIY

Jeniffer Page
If you are looking to keep the windows in your home and the blinds that you have treated them with functional for a long time, you have … continue reading

“Floormate” Will Make Your Floors Shine

Ivana Craft
Most of us will notice the dusty shelves or a bathtub full of soap scum, but what about floors? We always walk on them, but how many of … continue reading

How to naturally clean your microwave

Petro Neagu
Need to learn how to clean your microwave without chemicals or scrubbing? Here’s an easy, natural way to wipe out microwave grime withou… continue reading

Natural toilet cleaner with grapefruit and salt

Petro Neagu
If you're not a fan of harsh chemicals to clean hard water stains from your toilet here's a natural toilet cleaner alternative to get th… continue reading
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