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Cleaning Venetian Blinds - DIY

Jeniffer Page
If you are looking to keep the windows in your home and the blinds that you have treated them with functional for a long time, you have … continue reading

“Floormate” Will Make Your Floors Shine

Ivana Craft
Most of us will notice the dusty shelves or a bathtub full of soap scum, but what about floors? We always walk on them, but how many of … continue reading

How to naturally clean your microwave

Petro Neagu
Need to learn how to clean your microwave without chemicals or scrubbing? Here’s an easy, natural way to wipe out microwave grime withou… continue reading

Natural toilet cleaner with grapefruit and salt

Petro Neagu
If you're not a fan of harsh chemicals to clean hard water stains from your toilet here's a natural toilet cleaner alternative to get th… continue reading

How to Quickly Repair Cracks in Tile Grout

Jane Wilson
Have you ever given some thought to the topic why tiles are one of the most common materials people choose for their homes? Well, my per… continue reading

Natural fruit fly repellents

Petro Neagu
Get those annoying fruit flies out of your kitchen without any heavy engineering! These simple natural fruit fly control methods use stu… continue reading

Expert's Practical Guide to Keep a Carpet Clean

Samantha Winterland
When it comes to keeping carpets clean, "prevention" is a key concept here. The best way to have clean, fluffy and nice smelling carpets… continue reading

Tips on Removing Dirt and Grass Stains from Your Carpet

Ava Longford
Having grass and dirt stains on the carpet is not unusual. Whether it is the dog who brought in the dirt in, or it fell down right from … continue reading

Homemade natural all purpose cleaner

Petro Neagu
This cleaner has cleaning power, it’s super easy to make, it’s convenient as you normally have all ingredients around the house anyway. … continue reading
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