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20 Halloween Crafts {spooky and fun}

These Halloween crafts are spooky and fun Halloween activities for children. They include Halloween crafts like skeleton craft, spider c… continue reading

How To Get Your Kids To Smile For Photos - Tips From A Pro

Do you have trouble getting your kids to smile for pictures? Try these photography tips to get your kids to smile for photos. They'll ha… continue reading

Indoor Fishing Game

This easy to set up indoor fishing game uses supplies you have in your home. It's fast to set up and is fun for the kids. With the magne… continue reading

Colors of Nature Objective Lesson {Preschool}

Colors of Nature Objective Lesson {Preschool} If you have a preschooler that is learning colors this objective lesson perfect! Not on… continue reading

DIY Pop Silhouette Art {Memorabilia}

DIY Pop Silhouette Art {Memorabilia} How cute are these pop silhouettes!? Perfect for your kids to help you create! A great piece of … continue reading

Painting with Nuts and Bolts {Art}

Painting with Nuts and Bolts {Art} Here is a painting project that is perfect for preschool and elementary aged kids! Using paint alo… continue reading

Washing Legos {Toy Maintenance}

Washing Legos {Toy Maintenance} Here is a fabulous tutorial on how to clean well loved legos the easy way! No wiping each individual … continue reading

Magnetic Chore Chart {Chore Chart}

Magnetic Chore Chart {Chore Chart} Check out this super cute way to display chores for each of your children! So cute in fact you won… continue reading

Homemade Sports Drink {Sporting Gear}

Homemade Sports Drink {Sporting Gear} If you have a little guy or girl that loves to play sports this Gaterade inspired sports drink … continue reading