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Family Friendly New Years Eve Ideas

Mama Of Many Blessings
Since we have a big family we spend New Year's Eve together as a family every year. Here is a list of great ideas to do together as a fa… continue reading

DIY Kids Fishing Game

Ginnie Leeming
This DIY Kids Fishing Game provides hours of fun and makes a great gift!… continue reading

Kid's Table Craft: Napkin Rings

Little Girl Designs
Learn how to make simple and sweet napkin rings for the kid's table this Thanksgiving!… continue reading

Features of a Phil and Teds Baby Stroller

Jeniffer Page
The features of an item can tell you a lot about the item in question. You can understand what the item can do, how well it can do it an… continue reading

10 Science Experiments to Make with Halloween Candy

Cool science experiments for kids which are fun things to do with Halloween candy.  These cool science experiments u… continue reading

14 Kids Crafts to Make With Pine Cones

It's amazing what you can make with pine cones!  Here are 14 incredible things to make with pine cones complete with pict… continue reading

Shadow Puppets

Lisa Marie Troch
Turn off the lights and warm up your imagination with these free shadow puppets. The kids will be playing in the dark or the light for … continue reading

10 best gifts for under 5 years this season

Harsha Kiran
Thе bеѕt tоуѕ fоr fivе-уеаr-оldѕ аrе in thе еуе оf thе beholder; еvеrу fivе- уеаr-оld iѕ unique! Thеrе are рорulаr bоуѕ аnd girlѕ tоуѕ t… continue reading

Fairy Dolls DIY

Mark Montano
Make beautiful fairy dolls for your fairy garden! The perfect project to make with your kids. Watch the short video here: https://www… continue reading