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20+ Backyard Outdoor Games

How to play cool activities, games for kids, and make fun summer relay games using the outdoors and simple items you can pick up for abo… continue reading

8 Historic Carousels for Summer

eileen gunn
With summer coming I thought we would pay tribute that amusement park classic, the carousel. Here are eight especially cool ones to seek… continue reading

DIY Moving Away Note Cards for Kids

Holly Lefevre
When we moved one year ago, I needed a way for my 7 year old to keep in touch with and connect with her very good friends back home. Wit… continue reading

The 10 Best Craft Kits For Travel With Kids

eileen gunn
Nothing keeps my kid occupied like a good craft project. Get her involved in designing, cutting, pasting, painting and glittering and an… continue reading

11 Easy DIY Play Tents for Kids

Kids love adventure and a place to hideout.  Here are several easy and creative tutorials on how to make a diy kids tent, canopy an… continue reading

28 Fabulous and Fun End of School Activities

Celebrating the end of school together as a family is such a great way to create lasting memories.  The last day of school is the p… continue reading

20+ Chore Charts for Kids {printables}

Free family chore cards and chart templates that you can use to help organize your household. These chore charts for kids will… continue reading

Free Printable Santa's Helper Notes

Lisa Troch
Use positive reinforcement with your kids this Christmas and all year. Pair up these free note cards with your Santa Spies and encourag… continue reading

Picky Eaters

Lisa Troch
We all know how important eating healthy is, but for a lot of parents and care givers, it's easier said than done. The Cherry On Top ha… continue reading