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10 Gooey Science Experiments for Kids

Cool science experiments for kids which are fun things to do during warm days, snow days, rainy days, and even Spring Bre… continue reading

20 Chore Charts to Teach Responsibility

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Kids Magnetic Reward & Punishment Magnet Chore Charts

How to make Kids Magnetic Reward & Punishment Magnet Chore Charts for your family command center. Create a chore chart for each of yo… continue reading

Vintage Library Card Chore Chart Tutorial

Jennifer Longenecker
A while back a couple of my chore chart ideas were featured here at Tip Junkie. My favorite has been the envelope chore cards, but I wa… continue reading

8 Personality Tests to Help You Parent Better!

Free online personality tests that are fun to take, but even better, are helpful. These personality tests will help you understand your … continue reading

8 Easy Must-do Rubber Band Crafts for Kids

vicky hall
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9 Fun Homemade Kite Tutorials

Looking for fun activities for kids to enjoy a summer breeze?  The only thing that comes to mind is to go fly a kite!  I'… continue reading

Plastic Step Stool with Child Footprints

Annisa Olsson Jones
I don't know why I kept that blah, soft green, plastic Safety 1st step stool around for so long. It was useful, but so uninspiring. Prom… continue reading

Reusable Day of the Week Lunch Box Notes

Annisa Olsson Jones
I love to make my daughter's lunch and connect with her via a note from me in her lunch box. However, in the morning rush, I have been k… continue reading